A Too Suitable Duchess

Release coming June 14, 2019!

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Lady Victoria Wickerby has always intended to fulfill the duty of her station and marry the man chosen by her father. Having disguised her determination beneath an air of blithe amusement, Victoria believes her obligation as a duke’s daughter is not incompatible with her covert ambitions. She fully intends to continue running a school for impoverished factory women. A man, no matter how handsome or powerful, will not disturb her life. She’s heard rumors about what takes place in a marriage bed and supposes that a little daily attention to her new husband will prove entirely bearable.

However, prominent aristocrats are accustomed to getting what they want. Three minutes each night will not be enough for Victoria’s fiancé of five years. Spencer Ashby, Duke of Casebridge, sets out to patiently, thoroughly seduce Victoria, even after the marriage has united their families. His ulterior motives are quickly revealed. Spencer has a young son from a previous liaison—and more, his son is wrapped in scandal. Spencer needs Victoria’s influence and charm to redirect the course of Society’s gossip. Presenting a unified front as a loving family will not be simple, and Spencer’s sweet, seemingly naïve bride expects a high price for her public smiles. 

Tangled in their schemes, the no-nonsense newlyweds never expect to find a love as vigorous as their passion—a love even stronger than their stubborn hearts.