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He’ll protect her with every vicious bone in his body.

In a dark, sensual twist on Great Expectations, an orphan at a prestigious boarding school discovers her benefactor is a London crime lord.

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Book Two in the Waywroth Academy series. Love is madness.

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Arizona Territory, 1882

When a sheriff’s daughter robs a bank, the bounty hunter sent to capture her is the one man she fears.

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Of all the juice joints he had to bust, this one had to be hers…

A speakeasy owner and the federal agent who intends to shut her down join forces to fight the gangster who means to destroy them both.

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The warm and gorgeous beaches of California: where the rolling waves create champions, and where the hottest surfers find the women who’ll stand up to them.

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Belladonna Ink is the hottest female-centric tattoo parlor in Southern California. It doesn’t matter if you’re cis, trans, het, gay, or spectrum, our host of female tattoo artists will give you beautiful ink, personally designed. We don’t believe in paint-by-number drawings—you’re worth more than that. Give us a chance and we’ll help you find the meaning in your personal scribbles, and turn your skin into our professional canvas.

Just one thing: it’s really weird, but all our friends and some of our artists keep falling in love. Maybe it’s something in the ink.

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